Product Review – All that Glitters…

Heavenly Naturals Glitter Eye Shadows and Glitter Eye Liner are a fantastic way to finish off your make up by adding a touch of glamor to your eye shadow, or a hint of sparkle to your lips!


Heavenly Naturals Glitter Eyeliner in Disco Ball is great applied to the upper eye lid, close to the lash line. It’s like adding jewelery to your eyes!

Heavenly Naturals Glitter Eye Pigment can be used alone or on top of other make up products.  It can be used on your eyes, or you lips.

When used on your eyes:

  • Add a touch of glitter on top of your finished eye make up. Apply with a brush, or directly with your finger. To help the glitter stick, apply with a small amount of mixing medium.  We use Heavenly Naturals Mix Drops.
  • For extreme vibrancy, use Glitter Eye Pigment on it’s own. Mix with a drop of mixing medium, to ensure good coverage.  Simply wet your brush with Mix Drops, dip in the glitter eye shadow and apply to your lids.

When used on your lips:

  • After applying your lipstick, press some Glitter Eye Pigment to your lips. If you want to add some extra shine put a light coat of lip gloss over top of the glitter. You will be dazzeling!
  • Add some Glitter Eye Pigment to some of your favorite lip gloss to add some glam!

Whatever the occasion. A party, coffee with the girls or to add some sparkle in the office, these glitters are the latest hit of the season and will provide you with all the sparkle you need!

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